..possible to remove with a use of psychotherapy

Many people, professionals and non-professionals are talking a lot about symptoms. But what exactly are the symptoms? Basically a symptom is a sign, that something is going wrong in your body or in your mind. This sign is allowing you to see that you need to change something or seek for help of the professional suitable for you. Almost all symptoms described below could be a sign of both physical and psychological disturbances. Some diseases manifest like physical problems, some pretend to be psychological. Many illnesses are somehow partially caused by maladaptive psychological patterns – they are contributing to it to very different extent e.g. people who are suppressing their feelings excessively could be more susceptible to cancer. But also people who are suffer from chronic diseases are gaining some psychological disturbances e.g. organic personality disorder, frequent in non treated diabetics. So your general health and condition should be always one of topics on the first psychological consultation.

Severe psychological symptoms mainly occur when person is not able to talk about troubles overtly. So the simple fact that you’re talking about your life is treating you – talking is discharging a lot of tension, which was before hidden in symptoms. That’s why in the first stage of psychotherapy you will feel relief. Later if you try to change something in your life or your way of thinking, symptoms could temporarily recur, because most people basically don’t tolerate too much change in a too short period of time. That’s why efficient psychotherapy is almost always a long process.

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