Life-work imbalances

In todays hectic times many people are overwhelmed by demands both in work and in private life. The demands are very often contradictory and inconsistent. Many people are stressed by the pressure to be always the best, the most beautiful, always calm and well organized. This pressure to be the ideal person, a perfect worker and an understanding partner, a caring parent and an exciting lover makes them feel helpless.

It is really hard to meet all these requirements and still remember about yourself. Very often people experience the discrepancy between their behaviour and what they would like (e.g. you have to work hard, but you would like to spend more time with your family). There can also be dissonance between their needs and their will (e.g. you’re tired and you need to rest, but you would like to be an understanding partner). Some people cannot bear such conflict of feelings and they feel lost. They cannot bear the pressure and symptoms appear.

Symptoms could be signs of imbalance between work and private life.

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