The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Psychotherapy for me...

If psychotherapy is the best solution for you? Sometimes problems are caused by short-term and very external influences - you could be helped by just a few counselling sessions with a psychologist. Sometimes symptoms could be much more biological than psychological e.g. persistent pain in the chest could be result of an emphysema. Sometimes you need just to relax, maybe a good holiday. Sometimes you need to just talk with somebody who is not emotionally involved in your current situation. But very often to relax you need to get rid of symptoms... Learn More


There are many life situations and life difficulties, when symptoms occur...

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..possible to remove with a use of psychotherapy
Many people, professionals and non-professionals are talking a lot about symptoms.

But what exactly are the symptoms?
Basically a symptom is a sign, that something is going wrong in your body or in your mind. This sign is allowing you to see that you need to change something or seek for help of the professional suitable for you.

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Common kinds of disturbances

It is not always about difficulties in life. Sometimes people suffer from mental disorders or mental illnesses. To diagnose it you need the help of a specialist. But is good to have some basic knowledge about some kinds of mental problems, so you can seek help before the problems grow.

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